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Dynamic Creative Producer at Push Group, specialising in TikTok and Meta performance marketing, celebrated for crafting impactful strategies that resonate across diverse industries. Skilled in leading teams to deliver exceptional brand campaigns, providing expert consultancy, and sharing valuable insights on AI and social media platforms. With a knack for project and client management, I thrive on driving successful outcomes through efficient resource and budget management.

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Creative Production

I lead a diverse team of creative strategists, UGC creators, performance strategists, graphic designers, and video editors to develop and execute monthly engaging content and marketing strategies. We create high-impact campaigns for Meta, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and LinkedIn, aiming to boost brand visibility and achieve measurable results.

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Creative Consultancy

I collaborate with a creative strategist to provide monthly tailored creative direction. We leverage market trends, audience behaviour, and innovative design to craft bespoke strategies that elevate the brand's presence and performance. Our guidance on content creation, campaign development, and optimization ensures projects align with goals and resonate with target audiences. Together, we deliver strategic insight and creative excellence, empowering clients in a competitive digital landscape.


Creative Workshops

A one-off intensive 8-hour workshop empowers clients to plan, produce, and track social media creatives. Through hands-on guidance, clients learn the entire creative process, from ideation to execution, with a focus on strategic planning and content production. They'll master using social media platforms to create engaging content and learn performance tracking techniques to measure and optimize campaigns. By the end, clients will confidently execute compelling social media strategies that drive results.

Events I have presented at:

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Industries :

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