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Assigned by Headfone, I undertook the project to craft a graphic banner for their latest series, 'Family Business.' This captivating show draws inspiration from the renowned movie 'Godfather.'

The storyline revolves around the courageous journey of the family's heir, who courageously steps up to safeguard the empire when the family's patriarch faces peril. As they delve into the realm of organized crime, they confront adversarial gangs, internal conflicts, and the ethical dilemmas stemming from their actions.

The primary objective was to design a banner featuring a 30-year-old American man with a fair complexion, sporting a clean-shaven look and well-maintained short hair. The portrayal included him wearing stylish black glasses and holding a cigar in his hand while seated on a brown sofa chair inside a dimly lit vintage room.

To achieve this, I effectively utilised various AI tools, employing image generation and editing techniques to create a fitting visual representation in alignment with the provided description.

Family Business_Jasmeen Hayer.png
Family Business.png
Family Business.png
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