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The project presents creative millennials such as up and coming graphic designers, photographers and musicians who suffer from mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and discovering the highs and lows that they face on a day to day bases. I wanted to feature the point of view of creative millennial mental health within a series of visual effects content, the lens follows and helps portray the intense emotions and mentality mental health has on three distinctive characters.

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Within visual effects, the main aim is to consider the evolving world of visual effects and help understand how dominant the visual effects industry can become within the wider creative industry. Therefore, the initial goal being to establish a style of imagery and experiment on narratives, fixing towards a storyline that successfully narrates the metal health topic, purely through visuals. This was to make the audience pause for a second in their busy lives and take in their surroundings, whether it be the people or environment around them. This resulted in the phrase “Time To Stand”.