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For this project, my task involved rebranding the existing materials to align with the new vibrant and branded campaign. The primary objective was to capture attention and distinguish ourselves from competitors at the fair.


This particular project presented a challenge as I had to create assets remotely from London, while coordinating with German-speaking printing vendors who did not offer test prints. Consequently, I had to handle colour correction and testing from London, providing highly detailed illustrations and mockups to ensure the desired outcome.

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In this project, I undertook the responsibility of transforming our existing social content into an engaging careers booth. The objective was twofold: to create a booth that not only stood out among our competitors but also offered interactive elements through QR code scanning, enabling visitors to access additional details and watch a video that I personally edited.

This project provided a unique opportunity for me to utilise my expertise in fashion and music design, as it involved a collaboration between Nike and Native Instruments.

The main objective was to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for young teens to feel at ease. The project centered around a charity event aimed at showcasing youth talent, and the logo I designed was heavily influenced by this theme

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